Three Business Lessons I Learned at CrossFit

As a working mother, I must admit that I sometimes look forward to my business trips. While I would never tell my husband this (no worries — I don’t think he reads my articles), I love ordering room service to my hotel room and having complete control over the remote control. I also like sleeping in a little later each morning that I’m away, since I don’t have to get anyone on a school bus by 6:55 a.m. But the part of my business trips that I secretly like the best is when I am boarding a plane with my carry-on luggage and some polite man inevitably offers to hoist it overhead for me. “No, no…” I always say. “I do CrossFit.” And with a quick clean-and-jerk, I’ve lifted and stowed that bag with a confidence that I’ve slowly and painfully earned over the last 18 months as a member of CrossFit “The Rock” near my home in Long Island.

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