Are You Working With a Bully? Here’s How to Keep Your Cool Without Losing Your Dignity

We all have to work with difficult people. That’s a fact of life — and work. And one person’s difficult person isn’t necessarily another’s. You might experience Analytical Amy as challenging to work with because she slows every single process down in order to make sure every detail is correct, but your boss is eternally grateful for her laser focus and problem spotting.

Or you might bristle when partnering with Driven Dave, who is so committed to fast action that his work is peppered with mistakes, but your sales manager loves how quickly Dave gets new customers on board. Chances are, you have colleagues whose pace, approach and style makes your job easier — and others whose way of working makes you cringe.

But no matter what anyone’s particular working style preferences are, nobody likes working with a bully. People who yell, interrupt, explode, or otherwise overstep their boundaries in hostile ways aren’t just bad for your mood and morale — they’re bad for your mind.

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