Difficult Person Driving You Nuts? Here Are 3 Strategies to Try If You’ve Tried Everything Else

Working with a difficult person (and, often, more than one) is as expected in the workplace as attending pointless meetings.

We’ve all desperately tried to get a colleague tobehave better, like the one who complains every time a change is announced, or who nitpicks at every detail in your presentation, or who completely withdraws when given direct feedback. These are the folks whom we try to work around, or avoid, or even pray that they find gainful employment in a different department – or a different company.

If you’re like most people, none of your approaches to get the other person to change make a noticeable, permanent, positive difference in your day-to-day relationship. There are likely multiple factors that may be contributing to your ongoing frustration. And while some of those factors will be outside of your control, choosing your mindset about your difficult person is completely within your power.

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