Mario: Before and After

Several years ago, when I was still teaching my yearly “Report Writing and Presentation Skills” class to graduate students in the Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University, I had a young Chinese man in my class named Mario. (Quick aside: My colleague at PKU, Deborah Riegel, and I often had Chinese students who had […]

How to Tell Your Boss He’s Wrong

In the heartbreaking and heartwarming 1987 romantic comedy Broadcast News, Holly Hunter plays Jane Craig, a television producer with an unshakeable commitment to being right. In a heated exchange during layoffs, network executive Paul Moore remarks to her: “It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you’re the smartest person […]

5 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler in the New Year

I spend a significant amount of time in my work life facilitating things. I facilitate workshops, I facilitate difficult conversations between colleagues, and I facilitate “learning about self” for my coaching clients. I also spend a lot of time in my family life facilitating, too: facilitating the morning rush to work and school; facilitating “who […]