5 Situations Where You Need to Avoid Giving Feedback

Perhaps your company still engages in traditional annual performance reviews. Or maybe you have ditched the formalities for “just in time” feedback. Or possibly, you have come up with an innovative, novel way of making sure employees know how they’re doing against performance goals and company objectives. No matter how you’re delivering performance appraisals, we […]

Not Everyone’s a Team Player. Here’s What to Say to Them to Get Them On Board

Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Nevertheless, not everyone in a company defines success as “working together,” nor is every team member interested in coming together or keeping together. And if you’re the collaborative boss who is working with a non-collaborative colleague, you need […]

When Mindset Isn’t Enough

As someone who speaks internationally, I have a lot of experience working with professional interpreters. So when a LinkedIn connection recently asked his network to share their most important tips for working with interpreters, I was curious to see what responses he got. I was struck by how many of the answers were about mindset: […]

Speaking at the Speed of Trust

If you’ve ever sat in the audience and listened to a speaker whom you didn’t trust, chances are you felt defensive, dismissive, or even insulted. You probably rolled your eyes, crossed your arms, bounced your leg and sent a range of body language signals that you weren’t having it. You likely tuned him out—and even […]