The Standup Speaker

Before you read any further, take a few minutes (5:46, to be exact) to watch this YouTube video of 14-year-old standup comedian Dylan Roche. Isn’t he hilarious? He also provides very good examples of three elements that standup comics and public speakers have in common. 1. They both perform in front of a live audience. […]

How to Talk to Your Boss About Your Career Goals

People managers wear many hats: delegator, goal-setter, accountability-partner, brainstorming buddy, performance evaluator, obstacle-mover, resource-allocator, and more. (This, of course, is all in addition to their day jobs of actual work.) And there’s one critical role for managers that often doesn’t get addressed: career developer. According to research by Right Management, the global career and talent development expert within ManpowerGroup, only 16 […]

The World’s Worst Presenter

One of our favorite TV shows, Whose Line is it Anyway?, frequently includes a bit called “The World’s Worst . . .” in which the players must come up with various examples of the worst characteristics of a variety of professions. The world’s worst surgeon, for one example: (Player mimes performing an operation.) “Am I […]

3 Mistakes Managers Make During One-on-One Meetings

The late, great fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once remarked, “I don’t do meetings.” And if you were Karl Lagerfeld, you didn’t have to. For the rest of us, however, meetings are a part of getting work done, even if they often feel like an interruption of our real work. No matter what you think of meetings in general, having regular, focused, and productive one-on-one conversations […]

Difficult Person Driving You Nuts? Here Are 3 Strategies to Try If You’ve Tried Everything Else

Working with a difficult person (and, often, more than one) is as expected in the workplace as attending pointless meetings. We’ve all desperately tried to get a colleague tobehave better, like the one who complains every time a change is announced, or who nitpicks at every detail in your presentation, or who completely withdraws when given […]