The Authors

Deborah Grayson Riegel

Deborah Grayson Riegel is the CEO and Chief Communication Coach for Talk Support, and Director of Learning for The Boda Group. She started her career at age 17, when she won a national championship in public speaking as a high school senior in New York City, and was immediately recruited to coach on presentation and communication skills at colleges and corporations.

Deborah has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, supporting her expensive school habit by performing improvisation and stand-up comedy. Deborah is a lecturer of Management Communication at the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. She also served as a Visiting Professor of Executive Communications at the Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University, China.

Deborah’s clients have ranged from Bloomberg, Kraft Foods, Monster Worldwide and Pfizer China to The American Bar Association, Fox Entertainment Group, and The United States Army.

She has been a featured expert and a contributor to Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fox Business Network, and American Express OPEN Small Business Forum.

She and her husband Michael are the proud parents of twins, Jacob and Sophie, who are quickly becoming better public speakers than she is.


Ellen Dowling


Ellen Dowling, PhD, is a nationally recognized expert on training design and delivery and an internationally known speaker and trainer. Her clients in the US include Honeywell, Intel Corporation, Alltel, Lockheed Martin, and Sandia National Laboratories.

Her clients in China include Pfizer, the State Food and Drug Administration, and the National Development and Reform Commission.

From 2006 to 2014 she was a visiting professor in the Beijing International MBA Program at Peking University, where she taught “Report Writing and Presentation Skills” to international MBA candidates.

She is the author of The Standup Trainer and co-author of Presenting with Style: Advanced Strategies for Superior Presentations.

To contact Ellen, email her at

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