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Dozens of books provide instruction in how to improve your presentation skills. After all, public speaking is on most people’s top ten list of things to avoid (and for some people, it’s on their top one list). But for a growing subset of global business professionals—those who need to present in English when English isn’t their native language—the anxiety related to speaking in public is even more pronounced. Considering the language barriers they need to overcome, the cultural norms they need to learn, and the general challenges associated with public speaking, nonnative English speakers have it harder than most.

This book makes it easier.

Tips of the Tongue: The Nonnative English Speaker’s Guide to Mastering Public Speaking, is a practical, tactical, and supportive how-to book aimed at addressing the unique problems that nonnative English speakers experience when they attempt to deliver a presentation in public.

Specifically, this book covers 10 essential skills that all speakers, but especially nonnative English speakers, need to master. In this book you will learn how to

  1. Design an effective structure for your presentation to help you stay focused and on topic.
  2. Establish a positive and productive rapport with your audience.
  3. Use simple and specific language to explain yourself clearly and eloquently.
  4. Employ effective gestures, movement, and facial expressions.
  5. Project your voice for maximum impact.
  6. Engage your audience by partnering with them.
  7. Rehearse sufficiently to sound spontaneous.
  8. Respect gender roles in different cultures.
  9. Become more culturally aware of your audience’s frame of reference.
  10. Control the Q&A.


At the heart of this book, you’ll find practical, time-tested advice for effective presentations that can benefit anyone.  Where the magic comes in is in all the great tips on how nonnative English speakers can use their language, culture, and accent to their advantage.  Not only are the tips helpful, they are often backed up with online video resources where you can watch pros in action who artfully role model these points.  No doubt reading this book will lift you up and keep you propped up as you deliver your future presentations with more confidence than ever before.

Sue LaChance
Director of Learning and Organizational Development


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