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The Nonnative English English Speaker’s Guide to Master Public Speaking” is a gem with its simple, yet powerful, tools and advice.  Having worked in several countries with a highly diverse cross cultural workforce, this book is a reminder that people can make deep and meaningful connections with their audience without ever mastering the local language.
Maeve Coburn
Senior Vice President

L’Oreal Learning for Transformation, Americas

As a communication professor, I’m so excited to have this great resource to offer my nonnative English speaking students who give presentations. It has practical advice and general wisdom that will be immediately relevant not just to nonnative English presenters but to anyone who gives presentations.
Rebecca Heino
Executive Director & Faculty of Communication

Columbia University

If you ever present, read this book! It is a clear and concise collection of tools and techniques, written from a practitioner’s standpoint. Being German myself, and having worked in international roles for many years, I had to learn some of the lessons described in here the hard way. And frequently standing in front of American, British or Australian audiences, I have experienced my share of nerve-wracking moments. I wish I had this book available earlier in my career because it provides some of the simplest yet highly effective ways to make an impact. By the way, despite its title and primary target audience, a lot of these principles apply to most any presenter, regardless of their mother tongue. So, even if your first language is English I will repeat my advice: if you ever present, read this book!
Timo Gorner
Director of OD and Training

Fox Entertainment Group

This book is not only a combination of practice and theory, but also a well-customized solution for nonnative English speakers to apply to their presentations. It offers exceptional value for readers to get direct access to Ms. Riegel’s and Ms. Dowling’s years of solid practice and teaching experience in a book.
Mario You 尤志强
Human Resources

AUDI China Enterprise Management

“Very useful and practical guide for helping non-natives learn to speak in public in the United States. I’ll certainly be pointing my students to this resource.”
Andy Molinsky, Professor of Organizational Behavior and International Management

Brandeis University
Director, Perlmutter Institute for Global Business Leadership (NSD)

Both Ellen and Deb have taught presentation skills at the Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) program of the National School of Development at Peking University and both of them were very well received and highly rated by BiMBA students. Their book gives people like BiMBA students, most of whom are nonnative English speakers who need to do presentations in English frequently, a very practical tool kit with which they can easily improve their presentation skills. I will have no hesitation in recommending this book to our students and other business people alike.
Cathy Du, Assistant Dean
Director for Academic Affairs,
Beijing International MBA (BiMBA) program,
The National School of Development (NSD)

Peking University

Being called upon to present in a nonnative language is incredibly daunting. In this outstanding book, Riegel and Dowling teach nonnative English speakers everything they need to know to present in English masterfully and with confidence.
Kara Alaimo, Ph.D.
Author, Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Hofstra University

I wish I had read this book 19 years ago as I arrived from Argentina for my MBA at Duke University and before embarking on my career at Red Hat. Having led sales teams in North and Latin America, and having experienced the challenges of presenting, interviewing, hiring, and communicating in three different languages and multiple cultures, I found this book extremely helpful in building a framework and assisting with great strategies to communicate better in English. This book truly provides an outstanding framework and includes great tips on all aspects of effective presentations, including body language, gestures, voice pitch, how to speak, how to move, how to organize content, and how to connect and engage an audience. As a native Spanish speaker who works and presents in diverse cultures and languages, I recommend this book to anybody who is involved in public speaking, including native English speakers.
Gabriel Szulik
Vice President, Renewals and Compliance

Red Hat

There’s an entire MBA class reflected in this book, which is essential for any nonnative English speaker. You don’t need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to business school to learn this skill—you just need to read this book (and practice)!
Mabel Wong
Vice-President of CRM and Customer Insight

Jaguar Land Rover China

Finally a practical resource for the global workforce, directed at the most basic and universal challenge: getting your message across. This guide is thorough, providing step-by-step and easy to implement ways to become a confident, competent, and culturally-savvy speaker. The focus on non-native English speakers really hits the mark.
Kate McCourt
Global Head of Learning, Leadership Development & Coaching

Bombardier Transportation

Many books have been written either on presentation skills or multi-cultural awareness. The beauty of this book is that it combines both. It has all the tips and tools to help you in every setting: meetings, large conferences, training . . . . What I love about this book is that it is to the point with specific examples that you can relate to and apply. I work in a multi-cultural environment and will recommend this book to all nonnative English speakers in addition to the native English speakers, as this will help them understand the extra work it takes for nonnative speakers to be “on top of their game.”
Francoise Caraguel
Chief Talent Officer

CSM Bakery Solutions

As a nonnative English speaker who must deliver quite a lot of speeches for my work, I found that this book has given me many useful and specific suggestions, not only on how to prepare a presentation, but also how to react and deal with the audience during the presentation. If you have to do public speaking but are nervous about it, this is the book you are looking for.
Xiaohan Zhang
Product Manager

Kunshan Rotam Reddy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Grayson Riegel and Dowling explain to us that public speaking is a science more than an art, providing ready-to-use and comprehensive tools to overcome our fears and become masters of cross-cultural communication. A must-read for whoever is involved in international transactions.
Claudio Giammarino
Head of China Desk in Italy

Dentons (global legal firm)

The authors provide a clear and readable summary of best practices for public speaking, which is helpful for anyone even if it is targeted to non-native English speakers. Even experienced presenters can find helpful nuggets.

Hillary Anger Elfenbein, John K. Wallace, Jr. and Ellen A. Wallace
Distinguished Professor

Washington University in St. Louis

Incredibly practical with specific suggestions and exercises for all presenters, native and nonnative English speakers alike! This book empowers diverse talent, as Deborah and Ellen do a great job of addressing cultural and gender sensitivity while providing speakers with effective tools to inspire and engage their audiences. Their strategic use of quotes from honored thought leaders are particularly impactful in driving key lessons home!

Betty Ng
Founder and CEO

Inspiring Diversity

As a native Russian speaker trying to overcome the anxiety of public speaking, I found this book to be a valuable resource. It provides practical and actionable advice, which, if put into regular practice, will allow one to become an effective and persuasive speaker. Traditionally, Russians tend to lecture too much; this book teaches us how to engage with the audience and develop a more interactive style.

Oksana Bellas
Director of Finance & Administration

Stimson Center

This book gave me three important takeaways as a nonnative English speaker who makes frequent presentations. First, I realized that not having an American accent is ok. I know that I have interesting information to share, and that matters more. Second, being and feeling different means that I can take advantage of my cultural differences to connect with the audience in a unique way. Third, both native and nonnative presenters always need to be prepared! This book will make anyone a better speaker.

Olivier Gouaux
R&D Director,
Pain Killer Division


This is a great book for anyone who is preparing to make a presentation, whether you are a native or nonnative speaker. There isn’t anything else out there like it! The authors have extensive experience working with business professionals globally to develop their presentation skills, and they focus on the most common concerns of nonnative speakers, from designing the presentation to managing the Q&A. It provides easy-to-use guides for developing your presentation and offers different frameworks to consider, depending on the type of presentation you need to give. This book is particularly helpful for nonnative speakers because it explains how to build rapport, engage the audience through interactive exercises, and connect via eye contact. It also includes exercises for practicing at home.

Gladys Chen,
R&D Director
Director of Change Management

Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

A wonderfully practical and incredibly helpful book, written not only from a huge body of experience, but from the heart. In fact, this book holds great lessons for you if you are preparing to present, whether English is your first language or not. The many concrete examples, suggestions, and anecdotes are especially helpful in cross-cultural settings and very easy to relate to.

Andy Holley,
Consultant, Coach, and Executive


In our ever-growing global marketplace, presenting effectively is critical yet incredibly challenging, especially in your non-native language. Tips of the Tongue is the missing manual to mastering this critical skill. It is the practical and accessible guide to translating a presenter’s intention to powerful impact. This is the future textbook for international business and a must-have for global leaders.
Pamela Mattsson
Global Leader in Executive Development


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